The Four Corners Science and Computing Club led the AISES College Hackathon at the 2022 AISES National Conference. During this event, students spent two hours learning the basics of physical computing, wiring up computer hardware, and writing code to collect data from the environment through hands-on exercises with the 4CSCC Raspberry Pi 400 kits.

AISES hackathon kits

After learning the basics, groups of 2-5 students were provided with the prompt Develop a project that improves the day-to-day well-being of your community using data sensors, automation, and edge computing and asked to design a project.

AISES hackathon students

Students designed and implemented projects either using the provided computer and components, or designed a project by reviewing hardware vendor websites and putting together parts lists and project plans. To present their projects students compiled presentations, including video demos, that were reviewed by the leadership team.

An air quality monitor built by students

Students from the summer 2022 CARE program, where the 4CSCC hosted the first one-week scientific computing module, attended AISES as TAs, and some projects initially conceived by students at the AISES Hackathon are being developed by other students into future 4CSCC exercises.