Tracey's Project


My name is Tracey Begaye. I am a part of the Navajo Tribe from Gallup, New Mexico. I previously studied Computer Engineering for my undergraduate because I like solving challenging problems. I am currently pursuing a master’s in forestry to improve inclusion in forestry, especially in serving Native American communities. I integrated two data sensor kits for workshops run by the Four Corners Science and Computing Club (4CSCC). I 3D printed a Stevenson Shield, an instrument shelter, to prevent damage to the power and air quality monitoring sensors that will be attached to a weather station. I also worked with the weather kit that integrates scientific computing into the classroom. Three things I learned from the project are: • Seeking support in a work environment and advocating for your needs are necessary for success. • Check in often with the team and keep communication lines open as we all are working independently. • Take feedback and use it to improve. This will help you learn from your missteps and grow your successes. I plan to incorporate the computing aspect into my research as a master’s student. I will be researching new fire management methods to improve forests and infrastructure using drones. Air quality sensors and their data will be crucial to implement while working with fire.