Hi, my name is Alicia Clouser, I’m Dine, Hispanic, and white. I’m currently a senior at Coconino High School but I plan on studying environmental science because I love collecting data and organizing them into a graph. When I’m not studying, I’m doing outreach events for the CocoNuts! I’m also a recent alumnus of the Coconino Institute of Technology (CIT). CIT is a three-year program where students learn physics, chemistry, and engineering principles. For the last year of the program, I had to do a capstone project titled, “Making an Easy-to-Use Air Quality Outreach Tool for Indigenous Students.” In order to make our current setup for testing particulate matter (PM) contained, the use of a Raspberry Pi is necessary to connect multiple air-quality sensors and an LCD screen. This device will allow students to test different areas of a building easily. Through the project, I was able to learn the basics of Thonny Python, learn to read datasheets and learn how to solder. How I would incorporate this experience into my future academic or professional goals is the ability to create new outreach activities.